Heavy Lifting Injury

You’re in pain now, just wait until you get the bill.

Most jobs involve lifting of some kind, but for some occupations, heavy lifting at work is a constant source of back injury, arm strain and shoulder pain. For healthcare workers, hospital workplace injuries due to heavy lifting are very common. Likewise, construction workers, truckers, factory workers and delivery van drivers often hurt their backs due to lifting heavy loads.

Here are a few circumstances that can lead to on-the-job lifting injuries, all of which are eligible for workers comp benefits:

  • Pushing large patients in wheelchairs
  • Lifting patients off of gurneys
  • Helping big patients walk
  • Unloading delivery trucks
  • Stocking inventory
  • Loading pallets
  • Loading trucks
  • Moving cargo
  • Carrying full trash cans
  • Pulling hoses & tools

Heavy lifting injuries have long-term health effects. Be prepared.


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