Injured at Work – Slip & Fall

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Everybody falls. Some shrug off the fall and hope that no one saw it. But for others, even a “simple” fall leads to pretty serious injury. When it does, get a certified workers’ compensation lawyer to explain your options. Practicing exclusively workers comp law, Thomas Marchese and his team help slip-and-fall victims through the benefits application process and administrative hearings. If you were injured on the job and you can’t go back to work yet, we want to help you. If you can’t come to us, we come to you.

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Workers most at risk of serious slip & fall:

Construction workers:  According to OSHA, the #1 cause of fatal workplace injuries in the construction industry is falling. Workers who are not secure while using ladders or scaffolds, whose safety gear malfunctions or who work around open spaces such as trenches can suffer serious injuries.

Restaurant workers:  Slick surfaces, sticky/oily floors and people rushing around in a small space can contribute to a fall. Servers, cooks, bartenders, barbacks and bussers must jostle for space in wet areas. These factors can lead to a serious fall and accompanying injuries, including burns.

Home contractors:  Roofers & builders are at risk of falling from a height. Whenever you are more than 6 feet off the ground, a fall has the potential to cause you severe harm.

Maintenance workers:  People in the building maintenance and janitorial fields are in charge of sweeping, snow & ice removal, mopping & refinishing tile floors in common areas and restrooms. Because of that, they are constantly walking on hazardous, slippery surfaces.

When you fall at work, it may not be immediately apparent that you have sustained a long-term or serious injury. Sprains and muscle strains (i.e. heavy lifting injury) may not hurt right away but an injured ankle, wrist or back might keep you from performing your work duties for an extended period of time. A serious injury could make it impossible to return at all. A head impact may result in a traumatic brain injury, even if you were wearing a hardhat at the time.