Vision / Hearing Loss

Injuries may compromise future earnings.

Certain workplace environments expose workers to the risk of specific job injuries that can be lifelong. Before filing a workers compensation claim, contact us. We can help make sure all the complicated paperwork is filled out correctly, and that you are not accused of trying to obtain money for a preexisting condition.



Workplace hearing loss or deafness changes your life. Get compensated.

If you suffered workplace hearing damage/deafness due to work, there could have been any number of causes; (loud machinery, power tools, scaffolding dropping, lumber falling, gas leak explosions, heavy equipment crashing or jackhammers, etc.). Maybe you may have experienced a sudden, high-decibel sound causing your eardrum(s) to rupture. Or, long-term ambient noises caused you to lose hearing over time (roaring machines, pneumatic nail guns, loud music, etc). Maybe your hearing loss was due to a traumatic head injury at work.



Losing your eyesight is catastrophic and may compromise your income forever.

Workplace vision damage risks are also common and can mean actual eye injury or an employee gradually losing sight. Workplace eye injury is often due to particles in the eye, eyeball laceration from a power tool or complete loss of vision due to chemical burns in the eyes. Constant exposure to bright lights, welding sparks, toxic fumes or smoke can cause long-term blindness. Even eye strain from computer screens has caused debilitating migraines.



Ear damage or eye injury at work; call us.

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