Fatal Workplace Injury

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It’s a spouse and family’s worst nightmare: a family member heads off to work in the morning and doesn’t come back. With so many hazardous jobs – from industrial construction work and transit driver jobs to law enforcement and firefighting – it is not uncommon to get a call from a bereaved family member who is struggling to put their life back together. If your loved one is a victim of death at work, you are grieving and yet you must take action in order to protect your rights to the workers compensation benefits that you have coming to you. The harsh truth, however, is that even widows will be given the run around after filing a workers compensation claim. That’s where we can help. We will fight relentlessly on your behalf to obtain the compensation that will help you make ends meet and begin to heal.


You may be eligible to receive the workers comp benefits of the accident victim.

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, each year in Ohio, trade, transportation, and utility jobs showed the largest number of workplace fatalities, and in 2014 over half of all job-related falling deaths took place in the construction industry. Many who lost the family breadwinner in a workplace death don’t know that they do have the right to claim their loved one’s workers compensation payments. The money is there to help you get back on your feet financially and we will help you claim it.

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