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Thomas Marchese is one of the first Ohio attorneys to earn board certification as a specialist in workers compensation law.  Tom has dedicated his entire career to the rights of injured workers. He will personally handle your case; from consultation to final settlement. Read Bio.

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Your case evaluation is free with no obligation. Our Columbus office is just 4 minutes from the Nationwide Arena, and we have plenty of accessible parking. If your injuries prevent travel, let us know.

Why hire a Columbus workers comp attorney?

Workers compensation laws are complex and updates are frequent, you are probably qualified for more benefits than you think. Filing incorrectly or incompletely can result in claim denial and/or abbreviated benefits.If you have already filed,  and your claim was denied or terminated, call now.

Important:  Under Ohio Workers’ Compensation laws, workers do not need to prove fault to bring a claim.

∙  Injury Compensation  – pays 72% of wages for the first 12 weeks; 66 2/3% thereafter.

∙  Medical Benefit – will be authorized for approved curative treatment of work-related injuries and/or illnesses.

∙  Death Benefit – generally burial costs, partial medical, and 66.6% of the deceased’s income to surviving spouse and children.

∙  Amputation or Loss of Use Benefit – such as paralysis or multi-limb amputation may entitle the injured worker to compensation.

∙  Temporary Disability – until he/she can return to work in either a full or partial capacity.

∙  Permanent Partial Disability Benefit – pays a lump sum based upon residual impairment even after returning to work.

∙  Change of Condition – if condition regresses, an adjustment in benefits or a switch from temporary disability to permanent disability.

∙  Vocational Rehabilitation – Approx $17,000 is reserved for worker retraining if the injured person is no longer able to perform.

∙  Multiple Injury Compensation is addressed per injury and compensated accordingly.



“Thomas Marchese and everyone who work with him is very nice, kind, caring, knowledgeable and are extremely helpful. I highly recommend him!”

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“If I have need of future service, I will definitely be contacting this attorney. Very nice, professional and helpful.”

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When you’ve been injured on the job, unable to work, and the bills keep piling up, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. Let us carry some of the weight.

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 We are located on Dublin Road minutes from downtown Columbus. providing quality legal representation for those seeking workers’ compensation.

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