Fake work injuries can equal big fines and jail time.

The Crime –

A Columbus, Ohio mobile home maintenance worker now owes his former employer, TS Tech USA Corporation, more than $41,000.

35 year old Jason C. Smith, plead guilty to a felony count of workers’ compensation fraud this past Tuesday (August 14, 2018).

Investigators were acting on a tip with the Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation when they found out Jason Smith was working for the mobile home park as well as a number of private individuals for close to two years. All while he was receiving $41,413 in disability benefits from TS Tech.

The Punishment –

Along with having to repay the money, a judge also sentenced him to one year of jail time, which was suspended in exchange for 3 years’ probation.

According to Jim Wernecke, BWC’s special investigations department director, “You can’t claim you’re disabled and collect benefits from BWC or your employer when you’re also working under the radar and making a living. Workers’ comp benefits are for people who truly can’t work because they were injured on the job, not people who want to cheat the system and pad their income.”

This comes on the heels of yet another workers comp scam in Ohio.

The Crime –

On August 8th, 57-year-old Grant Myers, of Huron, was ordered to reimburse BWC $11,566 after pleading guilty to a first-degree count of workers’ compensation fraud.

Investigators found him running a drywall business while receiving disability benefits from the agency.

The Punishment –

Myers was initially given a 30-day jail sentence for his crimes, but a judge suspended the sentence after Myers agreed to pay BWC restitution.

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