Pre-existing Conditions

You need a certified workers comp attorney.

Proving your pain exists is difficult, but proving what caused it can be even more difficult. Workers compensation providers will often say that a worker’s injury or illness was “preexisting” (already there before you began that job or caused by something outside of work). It is often very difficult to convince your boss, your doctor, the BWC and the Administrative Judges who oversee workers compensation hearings that you were actually injured at work. With us by your side, you will be taken seriously. If your work injury is a preexisting condition and was aggravated by an injury, we can help prove it and pursue the settlement you deserve.

We make sure that every detail of your work injury is properly documented.
The moment you suspect you were injured,  begin documenting your symptoms. Whether you know the moment you were injured (i.e., falling from a ladder) or if you’ve had chronic, slowly worsening wrist pain and swelling from a repetitive task (i.e., working at a computer all day), you need to record every detail of your work accident, injury & pain.

Ohio workers compensation laws can make it hard to prove that your pain is work-related.
Workers compensation law is complicated, with a common law rule that “you take someone as you find him,” but also because of provisions that (under certain circumstances) the BWC may not have to pay benefits if it is thought that you have a prior active/disabling condition. In the case of an accident; the BWC or your employer is liable for aggravation of a preexisting condition, but for occupational diseases, the worker must prove that the pathology or disability was not there before starting employment. We will help you navigate through the process and pursue the compensation you have coming to you. Workers Compensation is all we do. Read bio